Constructed Languages

How do we communicate? Well, usually, by way of a language of some kind. So, what else could a web site devoted to the creation of the fantastic have to say about language? Here are a few thoughts on constructed languages, some links, and some tools as well.

Well, actually, there used to be tools here, but now they're gone. Why? Well, frankly because they were abused. I had a whole series free scripts that let you generate word, names, and, well, everything but a grammar, to be honest, but so many people hammered at them for so long that I can't afford to offer them any more. If I didn't take them off-line my webhost was going to have to shut me down due to the resource usage being generated by the abuse of these scripts.

For more details on why, you can read about it on the blog here and here.
Of course, you can find many other conlang tools on the web to replace these, like Enirei's Word Maker. Or you could always write your own!
Or, for a little fun, you can play with the Rosetta Stone Game.

Please note: Due to the popularity of the conlang creation and mutation scripts, certain abuse prevention measures have been put in place, but they weren't enough, so now all but one of my conlang scripts have been shutdown for the forseable future.
Also, I will not share my sourcecode for these scripts. Click here to read why.

If you're ready to document your language, download a blank template for a Conlang Phrasebook
If you feel more "adventurous", download a blank template for a Conlang Slang Phrasebook Warning: Adult Content!

If you're a fan of the new Dungeons and Dragons, or the Dragon Magazine, we have three new languages ripped from their pages: Dwarven, Elven and Draconic. All three of these languages are originally created by Sean K. Reynolds and are presented here as a service to gamers and a curiosity.

Off Site Links

Chris Pound's Language Machines Page
Language "Miniatures"
Conlang Profiles at
Teonaht Taxonomies, an example of vocabulary


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