Custom ConLang Word Generator

This used to be the home of my custom conlang word generator. It's not any more though. Would you like to know why? Because, after years, literally years of maintaining this script and tweaking it because so many people abused it, it has finally been abused so much that I've had to take it off-line forever. My webhost tells me that so many people hit this script and tried to ram literally gigabytes worth of data through it that it was constantly crashing their server. So now, thanks to a few people who were greedy and took advantage of something fun I did and offered free for the benefit of all, I have to discontinue the availability of this script. I hope that greedy, ungrateful minority got everything they were looking for from this script and will share it the way I used to share my work.

I think it's sad that so many people will no longer benefit from this because of the actions of a greedy few. I suppose that's what's happening all over the internet, though. Maybe I should charge for the language creation utilities I had here and then people would appreciate them more.
Well, probably it wouldn't make a difference, but this whole things sort of hacks me off. See the local blog, The Fantasist's Scroll for more ranting about it.

This generator was based on scripts found at Chris Pound's Name Generator page, but the CGI adaptation is all mine, so now you can go there, take that code and adapt it as you see fit. Good luck.