ConLang Word Maker

with English translations

Simply fill in your Word Formulas, Vowels, Consonants and other syllables and click on the Generate Word List button. The results will be enough to make a simple naming language.
Be warned, the more word patterns the more time it takes to process. Do NOT use upper case letters anywhere but in the Word Patterns column, unless you want them to process as variables. The names of the variables associated with each column is shown at the top of the column. Also, note that you must use the variables from left to right without skipping any or your results won't be what you expect and there are more variables below the Generate button.

English Words (up to 200) Word Patterns/Formulas Vowels (V) Consonants(C) "T" variable "S" Variable

"R" Variable "Q" Variable "P" Variable "O" Variable "N" Variable


This generator is based on ideas found at Chris Pound's Name Generator page and LangMaker, but this implementation is all mine.