Welcome to Fantasist!

Welcome to the very beginning of Fantasist.net. I've been making some changes here, and elsewhere in my life, but, like anything worthwhile, it's slow going. For the New Year, I updated my blog, the Fantasist's Scroll, combining it with my sad, little fiction blog. The whole blogging phenomena has really gotten a strange part of my creative brain all juiced up, so be looking for some experiments in that area this year. Oh, and don't get too worried about the disclaimer on the front page there. Mainly, I wanted the adults to know that there might be some fairly mature themes discussed, including sex and death. Really, the kids will most likely be bored with it anyway.

Please, check out the resources page, if you're a writer. I've worked out several scripts to jump-start your creativity that you can get to from there. They're really pretty neat, if only from a programming point of view. I also have a page dedicated to World Building Resources. I plan to add more writer's resources as we go, including more information about world building and brainstorming.

Also, don't forget to visit the Conlang Page where we have links to my latest conlang generation scripts! We work harder so you can just have fun making more creative languages!

Thanks for stopping by!