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Forgotten Realms Weather Widget

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Well, I’ve been at it again.
This time, I’ve created a little weather widget for the infamous city of Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms setting for WordPress.  It’s really simple and basic, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do since that feature dropped off the Wizards of the Coast page several years ago.  Thankfully, I finally found the time. 
So, to install this, just download it from the link below.  Then, go to Plugins and click Add New.  On that page, click the Upload Plugin and load the file you just saved.  When it’s done installing, you can simply activate it.  Then, to make it visible on your site, just go to Appearance, select the Widgets submenu and add it like any other widget.  That’s all there is to it!  Super easy and super basic. 

Just remember, this is a free widget offered for the joy of sharing it.  Use at your own risk!  I’ve tested it on the current version of WordPress and it works fine, but I make no promises!  I welcome any reports of bugs, but I can’t promise when I’ll get to fixing them.
Remember, you get what you paid for!

Also, I may, eventually, add a moon phase component to this little widget, showing the current phase of Selûne, the only natural satellite of Toril, home planet of the Forgotten Realms.
If you don’t know about the Forgotten Realms, you can check it out at the Wizards of the Coast website, where they now have a Forgotten Realms Calendar Tool.
I chose to synchronize my Forgotten Realms year with the year that the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting was published. In spite of what it says on the Dalereckoning article on the Wikipedia, but based on that officially published supplement, the campaign year of 1495 DR should correspond with 2019 AD. You can edit the file, however, to adjust that to your own particular campaign. Just do a search and replace on 524 with your own, adjusted, modifier. No, I won’t help you do it. Again, this is free, and at that price, you can figure out the math yourself to correct for the current year in your campaign.
Updated 11-12-2020 to correct an issue with the weather icons not displaying correctly for all installations.
Updated 04-14-2021 to correct code left out of last fix for all seasons.  This is what happens when an amateur codes after hours!

RealmsWeatherWidget Download

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