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Space Opera Star System Generator

The Yjfyba Star System

Yjfyba is a Class F - Yellow-White - Star that has 4 planets in orbit.

There is 1 habitable planet
Planet Alpha is a lifeless ball of rock and metal and has 4 moons
Planet Beta is a lifeless ball of rock and metal and has 4 moons

Planet Sifud is a terrestrial planet covered by thick jungle and numerous, large fresh-water lakes and has 4 moons.
This habitable planet has a mass 1.3 that of Earth and a radius of 0.7 that of Earth and an atmosphere that is 23 percent oxygen, 75 percent nitrogen, 0.07 percent carbon dioxide and trace amounts of helium, neon, argon, hydrogen, and trace amounts of other elements. The average temperature is between 30° F and 50° F on average. This planet is known for a particular mollusc used in the production of dye used on the outside of star ships.
This world is mainly populated by the Erepians who are anthropoids similar to various terrestrial apes. They are muzzled, lightly furred, and have patagia stretching between their arms and legs which they can use to glide over short distances in low gravity (their home worlds are all low-gravity). They are descended from a nocturnal species, and prefer to wear tinted goggles to protect their eyesight during the day. They are curious and mostly seek to advance knowledge of all kinds. The majority of thier technology is biologcial in nature and grown in vats or harvested like crops. They use a civil service bureaucracy run by a series of competing and interconnected committees as their style of government.
They believe in pantheism; or the belief that God, as such, is not separate but part of every aspect of the universe. Their spiritual practices have a loose hierachy with most decisions made by individual adherents. They believe in reincarnation and the effects of karma and their sacred texts are taught regularly and learning is encouraged as is active participation in regular religous rituals, though there are some groups who add nuance to those beliefs.

Planet Gamma is a rocky dwarf and has 5 moons
Planet Delta is an icy dwarf and has 4 moons

Inspired by all the random generators on the internet and every space opera novel I've ever read or science fiction role-playing game I've ever played.

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