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Busy, Busy, Busy

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Whew! Have I been busy the past couple of weeks!

Readers may notice that I’ve been rather lax in posting any new entries here for several weeks. Well, there are some good reasons. For one, I’ve been waiting for almost that entire time for my old ISP/Web Host to get a couple of problems straightened out. They never did, so I moved to a new home. That meant backing up all my hard work, exporting my Fantasist’s Scroll, signing up for the new ISP, and getting everything reinstalled and moved to the new home. Which I have, almost, finished doing. I hope that will let me get caught up on my other websites, too. Of course, I’ll be moving them soon as well. The new place has such better support and I get a discount for multiple accounts!

In any case, my blog was looking sad and under appreciated, so I thought I should put in some kind of update. Mainly, out of guilt.

More soon. Honest. Really, I mean it this time.

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