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Year End 2002

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Time for the obligitory reflective entry.

Well, here we are at the dawn of the new year, so, of course, I’m obliged to look back at the past year. Why is that? Damn traditionalists.
It’s been a fairly decent year, actually. I found a new, better webhost. I actually produced content for the website. Hey, I even did real work in the role-playing game industry! (Of course, there are some doubts in my mind about that ever being more than a “protfolio builder”, but still, I did the work.)
I gave up some bad habits this year and started to develop some new, better ones. Maybe 2003 will be the year I actually get off my fat butt and write a story again. God knows, I’ve done a bunch of reading that was geared toward research this year. I should start messing around with the Story Starter I have on this very website. After all, I put it here to help writers struggling with Writer’s Block, and that would mean I qualify.
But, other Good Things seem to get in my way when I try to write. Things like my lovely wife, and our daughter, and the holidays, and our house which needs some repairs, and our yard which is in sad shape, and my day job as a computer geek. You know, LIFE. Ah, but hope springs eternal, so I keep the dream alive.

Like I wrote at the begining of this entry, it’s been a pretty good year. Sure, I have lots of room for improvement, but who doesn’t? So, next year, I get to work on the improvements.

Happy New Year everyone!

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