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Conlang Phrasebooks

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Just added!

I’ve actually had these around for a bit now, but I finally got around to uploading them to my webserver. There are two phrasebook templates.
The first is a generic phrasebook similar to the Lonely Planet series of phrase books. It’s fairly safe and standard stuff. Pretty much everything a traveler could want to know how to say. And, I think it’s a fairly good introduction to a conlang!
The second phrasebook is a little more adult. It’s more along the lines of Howard Tomb’s “Wicked” phrasebook series or
Zakennayo!: The Real Japanese You Were Never Taught In School!
. It’s more irreverant and has terms that only very naughty tourists would know or want to know!! But, it’s a good place to start if you want to figure out how someone would curse in your conlang. Of course, the idioms used are all particular to a conlang that I’m working on at the moment, but at least it gives you a place to start.

You can find the phrasebook templates on the World Building Resource page.

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