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William Gibson Relaxation

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Now that I finished Zohar, I’ve started All Tomorrow’s Parties, by William Gibson.

This is a sequel, of sorts, to Idoru. Idoru is about just that, a Japanese pop idol (an “idoru”), who is a completely generated character. She simply doesn’t exist, except for being bits and bytes in RAM. The story is about finding this out, and what’s behind it, and a lot more complicated stuff than that. It is, of course, classic Gibson.
All Tomorrow’s Parties is what happens after all that. My wife told me that it is an engrossing and quick read. So far, she’s right. I fear it will all be over before it registers that I’ve started. Gibson is like that. And, it’s the standard which I use to judge all other literature.

We also have his latest, Pattern Recognition, which looks like it’s a fun one, too. I’ll post something when I start that one. Though, it might be awhile. I have a lot of other stuff to read before I get caught up to that!

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