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Digital Prayer

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

A digital prayer a day?

Hmm, well, why not? I mean, we can get other kinds of reminders to our phones or pagers, so why not a reminder to pray?
This article on Wired News really made me think about where we’re taking religion as a society. I’ve seen plenty of free Islamic programs for the Palm, so why not a generalized one? A simple PERL script or two is all it should take to send a random reminder to pray to any Internet-enabled wireless device. Or, a more generalized “spiritual” message could be sent. Or, really, anything that would be regular and in text format.
Personally, I like the idea of getting random reminders to make contact with God. It might be nice to have my cellphone, which I’ve come to think of as a tool of the Devil, remind me that God is watching me and that He does care about me. Why shouldn’t technology remind us of our spiritual selves? Just because the old Catholic church had issues with early scientists doesn’t mean that we should not make use of this kind of tool for spiritual awareness. I’d like to think that the modern Vatican, which is online now, would agree with me.

Hmph, maybe I’ll have to develop something to make that work. Stay tuned!

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