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The moon is Waning Crescent

Now, this is just cool!

When I read this article on Wired News, and in Wired Magazine, I was totally entranced. The idea of a working anti-gravity drive is just so mind-boggling and, really, the “Holy Grail” of every science-fiction fan that it’s easy to get carried away. Of course, the article eventually debunks the “anti-gravity” portion of the story, but it opens a new possibility… An efficient, working ion drive. Hmmm, now that’s something to think about. Imagine a single-stage-to-orbit craft that uses an ion engine to get up where the atmosphere is thin, then ignites a rocket engine to finish it’s assent. Or, even a lander that uses the ion engine, powered by solar energy, to explore, say Mars. (In fact, that’s just what NASA is contemplating!)
Now, if they can get this working with a form of ionization that works in a vacum… Well, it wouldn’t be anti-gravity, per se, but it would be just as good.

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