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Sewer History

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

No, really, it’s the history of sewers.

Anyone who’s ever talked to me about creating realistic worlds or fantasy settings knows that my pet peeve is a lack of sanitary facilities. No one ever seems to go to the “loo”, as the British put it. Very rarely does anyone venture into the sewers after an alien or mutant. But, a lot of city design is driven by the need to dispose of “waste” in an efficient, and safe, manner. Castles could be attacked via an unprotected privy. Criminals can escape via the sewers. And, more importantly, bad sanitation can cause huge epidemics, not to mention effecting the “quality of life” for a city’s citizens.
Don’t believe me? Well, check out The History of Sanitary Sewers. It’s all true. Every last goopy detail. Great site. A crap-load of information, if you’re pardon the pun! Check it out!

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