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Mars Time

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Do they have daylight savings on Mars?

I never realized how much of a problem time and dates can be between planets. Maybe I just got used to the whole “Stardate” concept, or something, but I never figured that Mars having a different rotational period would effect its day. Year, sure, but having a different length day caught me by surprise. Anyhow, I may not have thought of it, but scientists at NASA sure have. This article on Asrobiology Magazine describes what they’re going through to allow for this. It’s quite a challenge!

You can read more about how Martian time works, and differs from Earth time, at Marsbase Dot Net. And, if you’d like something to help you keep track of what time it actually is on Mars, you can get the Mars Time Tool from the Goddard Instituite for Space Studies.

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