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Scooter of Death?

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Can this possibly be a real story?

I feel like I should put this up on April Fool’s Day, but it seems to be a real story. Apparently, the Pentagon is considering using the Segway in battle. Yeah, that’s about what I thought, but it’s a real news story. According to this story on CTV News, the US military is looking at making autonomous robots based on the Segway for use in battlefield conditions. It’s only in the planning stages now, but it actually sounds like a good idea. At least on paper.
It might even be what saves Dean Kamen from disaster. After all, the Segway didn’t really “revolutionize” city transportation the way all his backers said it would. Ah, well, at least there might be a government contract in it for him yet!

Good luck, Mr. Kamen!

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