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Starve for Immortality

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

No, I’m serious.

My darling wife posted a link to the Calorie Restriction Society on her blog and I thought I’d share that with the regular reader of my own blog. (I know there’s at least one of you…) These folks are convinced that if a person restricts their caloric intake, they can radically extend their life. Now, I’ve seen this before and, my wife’s obession with caloric intake aside, there’s actually some research to back it up. Of course, my wide-load Girl Scout cookie loving butt is somewhat skeptical, but, then, who wouldn’t be?
On the other hand, I can see how this might be a really good theme or gimmick for a story. Shoot, it would even work for either a science-fiction story or a fantasy story. In fact, I seem to recall something like this in an Earl Dumarest novel from E.C. Tubb. Though, of course, I can’t remember which one. I just remember a nasty zealot who used food only as fuel for his body. He was, obviously, cadaverously thin. Funny thing was, he was searching for a formula that Dumarest had stolen that conveyed, you guessed it, immortality.

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