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Review: Pattern Recognition

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The moon is Waning Crescent

I finished Pattern Recognition last night.

Classic William Gibson. Though, it is a bit odd in that it doesn’t have any really science-fictional elements to it at all. Pattern Recognition is set in, basically, modern day Europe, Russia and Japan. Basically, the book is about the search for meaning in mysterious loops of film footage of an unknown source. The chief “footage head”, as they’re known, is Cayce Pollard, who is the main character. Cayce is a “cool hunter”, courted for her innate ability to sense the “coolness” of brands and branding. She’s hired by a somewhat slimey advertising executive to find the Source of the Footage. What ensues is a classic Gibson tale filled with twists, technology and, as always, a gritty reality that makes you wonder how many of these places actually exist.
It’s a bit of a departure for the Father of Cyberspace and the Cyberpunk movement, though he shuns both titles. There really isn’t any science-fiction in this story at all. It’s all pretty much the real thing, so if that bothers you, stay away. On the other hand, if you just love Gibson’s writing style and his skill with words and narrative, dive right in. Personally, I loved it so much I started reading a book about marketing/cool-hunting when I was done!

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