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Engineered Virus Killer

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The moon is a Full Moon

Desgined to kill it’s own kind…

According to this article on Wired News, two scientists have engineered a virus that attacks HIV and keeps it from becoming AIDS. It’s still in the test stages, but it works in a petri dish. Their next step is animal testing.
Apparently, they came up with this nasty, little bug, or anti-bug, with a computer simulation. Though, I have to admit, that seems like an enourmous simplification. Anyway, it’s an interesting development in science and medicine. Imagine a series of designer “killer” virii designed to hunt down other “bad” virii. Think of what that kind of technology could do in the Third World.
But, the scientists who came up with this have already thought of the potential down-side, too. Imagine what this technology would do for the military. Or, worse, terrorists. The implications are, well, terrifying.

On the bright side, though, think of all the science-fiction plots!

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