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Crass E-Commerce

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The moon is a New Moon

You may have noticed a change here at

Namely, the fact that there are now advertisements. Well, frankly, it just can’t be helped anymore. So far, in over five years of having this site, less than ten people have bought books from my store, no one has bought anything from the CafePress store, no one has bought anything for me from my Wishlist and no one has donated any money. It’s not cheap to run the place and costs keep going up, so I finally decided that I had to host some small ads. Hopefully, they’re not too intrusive, but they’re here to stay. I may move them around some, but I’m fairly certain that I’ll always have them from now on.
I actually got the idea from, run by Jeff Henning. He has a few, very tasteful, ads on the side of his site now. And, knowing what I know about the web and costs and such, I don’t begrudge him any of the tiny revenue he must take in from it.

So, now you know.

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