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Immune to HIV?

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Now, that is fascinating!

Apparently, two women in China have been found with a gene that makes them “immune” to HIV. According to the article on, these are the first two people in China, and possibly Asia, found with this kind of mutant gene. Apparently, this gene has been found in Caucasians, but not n Asians before this. That bit made me stop for a second, too. Until this article, I don’t recall reading anything about an immunity to HIV/AIDS. Of course, it makes sense that there should be, but I’d never read about it before. How fascinating…. I wonder how future generations will see the thousands of deaths related to HIV. Will it seem like the Black Plague to them? Something horrible that happened in “olden times”? In a science-ficition setting, that kind of thinking or detail could add a whole bunch of realism, at least for me it would. Something to think about the next time you’re describing a far-future classroom.
Anyway, it’s an interesting article, so go take a look!

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