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Killer Robots!

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Hooray for science-fiction become reality!

I almost never post a picture, but…. talon_asc_f.jpg But, this is just way, way too cool! This picture is from an article on Wired News about new robots being used by the military. In fact, this bad boy, dubbed the Talon, is ready to ship to Iraq in just a few months. This ought to liven up things for the last of the insurgents and resistors from the old regime. And, hopefully, it will let more of our soldiers come home alive and in one piece. That urban warfare stuff is just brutal and I’m all in favor of anything that will take some of the heat off our military.

Now, add to that this article about mutating robots
Well, they say that the idea is to have robots that can more efficiently explore disaster sites to find and rescue people, but I can see how an urban battlefield would be pretty much the same as a disaster site. A mutating robot with a gun. Yeah, that sounds like a science-fiction story to me, allright!

Anyway, interesting food for thought.

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