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The moon is Waning Crescent

Not one of mine for a change, though.
Nope, this would be Faith In Fiction, which is a blog run by a fiction acquisitions editor at a Christian publishing house. He looks at the fiction publishing world from a view few of us get to see. And, he talks about good fiction, faith and how the two can work together. Really, it’s an interesting idea for a blog.
One of the things I found interesting was that Christian authors deal with all the same issues that non-religious authors do. You don’t get a “free pass” just because you’re writing faith-based work. Of course, I knew that, but I don’t think a lot of aspiring Christian writers think about that. Generally, I get the impression that they think the message should be enough and editors should work out all that details, like grammar and spelling. And plot and characterization. You get the idea. So, it’s refreshing to see someone encouraging Christian writers to write, but to write good fiction, not just anything. I’m sure part of the idea is to cultivate a decent source of publishable talent, but I still like the idea of targeting that particular audience. Hmm, maybe I’ll even try writing for that market segment.

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