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Space Treaty

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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

Yep, we’ve got one.
Considering the funding cutbacks at NASA, this seems like a really “forward thinking” document to me, but the United States Government has a non-armmament space treaty. Or, more specifically, “TREATY ON PRINCIPLES GOVERNING THE ACTIVITIES OF STATES IN THE EXPLORATION AND USE OF OUTER SPACE, INCLUDING THE MOON AND OTHER CELESTIAL BODIES“. Basically, it says that we’ll all play nice up there. It’s not clear who actually signed this treaty, but it does mention that there are copies in the following languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese. I find that all interesting in light of the so-called “Star Wars” program and all the research the Russians did into space-based weapons platforms.
Anyway, it’s the most fun link I could find this Friday. So, go have fun reading the boring government document!

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