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Silver Bullet

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Just in time for werewolf season.
Ha! I’m kidding about that. There is no werewolf season! You can shoot them anytime. But, only if you have a silver bullet. Not exactlly something you can pick up at the local gun store. So, what’s a would-be werewolf kilelr to do? Make your own!
Thanks to Boing Boing, is proud to bring you Popular Science’s How To Cast a Silver Bullet. No joke. Popular Science. Is casting silver bullets really all that popular? Well, anyway, now you can kill that pesky werewolf that’s been stealing your chickens or sniffing around your daughter.

(Please note: does not endorse random gunplay or irresposible werewolf slaying. If you can’t prove to authorities that you just shot a werewolf, you WILL be prosecuted for murder. Actually, you may be prosecuted for murder even if you CAN prove you shot a werewolf. Even lycanthropes have rights!)

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