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Multi-Star Extrasolar Planet

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Has been found!
Yep, using a relatively new technique measuring the way light from a star “wobbles” as it’s bent around a planet, a new extra-solar planet has been found in a previously unconcieved of situation. Until the astronomers at the California Institute of Technology found what the call the “Tattooine planet”, scientists didn’t think that binary or trinary star systems could support a planet of any reasonable size. They felt that such systems, which outnumber single-star systems like our own by 20 percent, were just too unstable to maintain a planet. But, now they know better. This discovery, of course, opens a whole new realm of possibilites for space discovery and colonization. Not to mention gives a whole lot of validation to the space opera writers who’ve imagined multiple suns setting in alien skies since the early days of science-fiction.

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