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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Yes, seeking inspiration from SPAM.
The other day, I got a junk e-mail with some interesting words in it. And, an interesting, obviously random, title. That’s when it hit me: Use that “junk” as a writing exercise. Too goofy for words, right? Well, try it. Write something with the subject as the title and include all the sentences, and fragments, in the junk e-mail as found. Fragments may be worked into full sentences. Feel up to it? Try this one:

My study of unguent
but it was like the marriage of a reduced old noble to a plebeian eyes, when I formed the resolution of being godmother to your
natural in one who was making entirely new arrangements in life. humbly to me and begs for my forgiveness. This is my right. This
calling an Italian-iron, a bedstead. But we cant expect a
no danger of putting any strained construction on your motives.
I wish you would, said Mrs. Steerforth, with a smile. But, save her from this disgrace, and she shall never be disgraced

That’s a real e-mail I got, by the way. Oh, and this only works with non-sexually oriented material, unless, of course you’re writing a letter to a pornographic magazine.

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