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World Question Center

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Better questions.
That’s the answer I give to people who ask why I know things they don’t. I ask better questions than they do. In fact, I think people often find it frustrating that I ask some of the questions I do. Things like, “So, if it doesn’t work, why do you keep doing it?”, or “Yeah, but why have you always done it that way?”. But, there’s always someone who asks better questions than I do. Take for instance the folks at the World Question Center. Now, if you really want to get your mind all bent out of shape, go read some of these questions. Then, think about what they mean. Really. Think about it.
(And, yes, this first appeared on my other blog. It’s Friday and I’m not even in town, so cut me some slack!)

Then go have a drink. It is, after all, Friday!
(And, yes, this originally appeared on my other blog.)

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