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Red Herring Friday

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Hey’s it’s Friday and I have no theme to my crazy links.

Look I paid all my important bills last night and I’m too tired to come up with any real theme here, but these all are perfect links for a Friday.
First, in honor of Halloween, I bring you a link to the story, via Boing Boing, of a cyclops baby born in India.
Also in honor of Halloween, and via Boing Boing, I bring you horror furnature props.  Those things are totally cool!  And, luckily, they’re not cheap or I’d be giving my friends heart attacks all the damn time.
And, finally, since I’m sure you’re probably reading this at work, I thought it was high time I helped you sneak around on the web without getting caught. It’s a site called Work Friendly and it will open browser windows that are camoflaged as Micro$oft Office files. Pretty clever, huh?
So, if I do this NaNoWriMo thing, I’ll have to queue up a bunch of Friday Fun Posts this weekend, since I won’t have time otherwise. Well, in any case, this Friday, you can enjoy these crazy links.

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