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Red Herring Collection, Vol 2

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

O, wow, it’s been another long week.

My job is eating me alive, so I have another collection of semi-random links for you this week, again. Though, most of them seem to have an underlying theme…
First, on Gizmodo, I have a link to a jetpack convention. The interesting thing about this to me, is that there are enough people who own jetpacks to justify an actual convention about it.
Next is a link to a stroy on Street Tech about personal, flying, transportation devices, which reinforces the whole idea that a convention is really a good idea after all. (Trust me on this one and follow the link then check out the WASP. It looks so Logan’s Run to me that I just love it to death!)
But, if that’s not enough, you can try either the palmsize microcopter, for fun, or a story on about levitating small animals via sound waves. Yes, it’s actually a ral thing and not a hoax or clever picture. Freaky.

But, now it’s late, or early depending on your point of view, so since I don’t have either the breakfast art toaster to welcome me in the morning or the antidepressant pillows to welcome me to bed when I snap, I’d best get off to bed for a couple hours, before I do it all again!
Happy Friday! (grumble)

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