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Return of the “Fun” Links

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Okay, so my idea of fun may be changing a bit.

I’ve noticed a theme in my cancer caregivers’ rhetoric lately: clean. Get clean, stay clean, avoid things that aren’t clean. Wash your hands, gargle with their special solution to keep the mouth sores away, don’t eat raw foods that might have bacteria on them. This over-riding theme of cleanliness may have had some small effect on my choice of interesting links.

First, with all the house cleaning, there was this tool to minimize, if not eliminate, dust from doing wall-board work. Now, that might not seem like a big thing, but, trust me, all that dust is an irritant for months to come after the work is done! I know, having stuck my leg through a ceiling while running cable and doing the repair work myself.
Next, is a link to a toothbrush sanitizer, which has always been a thing for me. Well, not toothbrush sanitizing, per se, but generally good oral hygine. I’m always worried about things stuck in my teeth and bad breath and making sure my gums don’t bleed. That’s gotten very important to me these days! Bleeding is bad when my red and white counts are down so low!
And, this automatic soap dispenser caught my eye, since I’m washing my hands so much. Before I even saw it, I was thinking about how the most likely point of contact for bacteria was at the soap dispenser. An automatic soap dispenser would cure that and this shiny, chrome one would look nice on my bathroom counter!
Finally, while not a cleanliness link, this web-enabled pill box struck me as just the thing for someone having to track a bunch of medications. Their service, which isn’t quite available yet, helps a patient keep track of all the various medications and times and frequencies they have to take. And, at $60 a month, trust me, this would have been a Godsend this past week. I have so many pills to take that a little extra help keeping them straight would have been a big help!

So, there you are, that’s what sounds “fun” to a cancer patient with a lot on his mind! Kind of boring, but at least it’s something to think about over the weekend. Enjoy your Friday!  (And, yes, this was also posted on my other blog, Diary of a Network Geek.)

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