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Modern Lives

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The moon is a New Moon

Medieval Lives was a complete dissapointment.

In the words of the author, “I cannot recreate you, medieval people, because I could not define how your personalitiesand desires linked with concrete times and places. You were stick figures, totems on a landscape, lines upon the horizon, temporally and spatially floating away.”
I couldn’t say it better myself. The author could not, in fact, recreate anything like the lives of the people featured in the book. He drew, at best, very modern people who spouted codified, modernized rhetoric based, very loosely, on philosophy that took its root in the Middle Ages. Virtually no attempt was made to make any of these people sound like people from the Middle Ages. Most of the time, it seemed as though the characters were simply talking heads that served no purpose other than espoousing the author’s personal agenda. They spoke in a kind of sociological dissertation language that would not have been found in any setting outside of modern universities.
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