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Review of Ithanalin’s Restoration

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Great book!

Well, I just finished Lawrence Watt-Evans’ latest, Ithanalin’s Restoration, and it lives up to my high expectations of his work. I may give you some spoilers here, so be warned. I do try to keep them to a minimum, but still, if you are afraid I’ll let something significant go, you’d best move on.
First off, this story takes place in Ethshar. Specifically, Ethshar of the Rocks, which is one of the three cities named Ethshar in the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars. In the time line of Ethshar, it takes place at the same time as The Spell of the Black Dagger.
The story is really about Ithanalin’s apprentice, Kilisha. The Ithanalin of the title is the victim of an animation spell gone wrong. Early in the story, Kilisha’s master botches a spell and is petrified, while parts of his “essence” are scattered into various animated objects. Kilisha is left to track down the objects and use them, along with her skill in magic, to restore Ithanalin to normal. No small task for even a wizard’s apprentice. Still, she manages to grow as a person and a wizard through the course of the story and, eventually, …. Well, I’ll let you read the book!
This is a great, relaxing read, though not quite as good or interesting as The Night of Madness. It is an interesting story that gives us a good look at the life of an apprentice as well as more of the mechanics of wizardly magic. Thoroughly enjoyable!
If you’d like a preview of Ithanalin’s Restoration, click here.

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