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The moon is a First Quarter Moon

That’s Bug Eyed Monsters.

Which are, of course, the most interesting characters in the Men In Black movies. I really loved the first one, and
Men in Black II
didn’t dissapoint either. It’s the same kind of raucus fun that the first movie was, but taken to a higher level. If you haven’t seen this yet, stop reading, ’cause I’m going to dish out some spoilers…
It was fun to see Tommy Lee Jones do his whole amnesiac, Postal worker bit and see Will Smith get to be the guy in the know for a change. But, still, the coolest stuff was really the CGI work and the aliens. They really are what drive this movie.
Most of the comedy is derived from human looking aliens not behaving quite like humans. And, as always, the “humans” that turn out to be aliens in disguise. My favorite, though, was Frank the Pug. First of all, pugs are cute. There, I said it and I’m not even embarassed. Pugs are, in fact, cute. A talking pug, even if it has a voice like a 50 year-old chain-smoker from Pittsburgh, is even cuter. And, as in the last movie, some of the best lines in the film were written for the dog. That had to hurt Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith, but it sure was funny. And, Frank as Agent J’s partner was just a hoot to watch!
I didn’t care much for Lara Flynn Boyle’s character though. She just never seemed alien to me. In fact, she barely seemed awake most of the time. Maybe keeping up with Jack’s worn her out. Who knows…. I actually used to like her work, but now she just seems kind of pathetic.

Anyway, it’s a fun, fun movie and well worth buying on DVD, but get the
special edition
with the blooper real!

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