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Furry Fuel Cells?

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Yeast based fuel?

Hmm, why not? Here’s an article on Wired News about yeast-based fuel cells. I think it would be a good blend of hard and soft sciences, if they can make it work on a large enough scale. I rather like the idea of yeast powering my car, for instance. A nice by-product of water vapor, theoretically cheaper fuel. Ah, there’s the rub. Will the oil companies let this fly? Somehow, I doubt it. But, what if it does?
Here’s a great chance to speculate on how a technology might alter our lives in the future. That is what great science-fiction authors do, of course. They make plausible predictions about what might happen in the future. Sometimes, they’re dead on right. Other times, not quite. But, the fun is in the speculation and the story they tell. So, will this ruin the smoggy skies of dystopian futures? Or, will it lead to completely biological cars? Get out your Imagination Helmet™ and get to writin’!

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