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Need a Villian?

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The moon is a Full Moon

Try reading the news!

This article on MSNBC describes as close to evil as I think mankind is capable of being. Of course, the article is about Saddam Hussein’s infamous sons who were insanely sadistic. In fact, if anything, if one were to use them as the antagonist in fiction, they’d have to be toned down to seem more believable. These two, especially Uday, were so beyond our understanding that it’s hard to get our minds around their evil. In many ways, they’re the Adolf Hitler and Herman Goering and Heinrich Himmler of our generation.
So, when you want to make a villian, nothing you can come up with will top real-life, but maybe that’s a good thing. And, remember, the larger and more horrible your villian, the bigger and better your hero needs to be as well.

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