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Sailing to the Stars

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The moon is a New Moon

Well, it might be more science-fiction than science…

At least, according to this article on Wired News, there are some people who doubt that solar sails will work. We’ll know soon, though, if the scientists behind Cosmos 1 are able to launch.
Solar sails have long been a science-fiction staple as a “real” way that we might get to other planets. Interstellar travel is sort of the “Holy Grail” of science-fiction and all the world’s space programs, as well. Luminaries such as Larry Niven have written about solar sails, but now we’re close to the reality of it. Of course, I doubt that I’ll live to see a solar sail take people to another planet even in our solar system, but stranger things have happened!
Anyhow, enjoy the article and the speculations.
Ad astra per aspera!

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