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The New (Pirate) Economy

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Here’s a disturbing little thought for anyone who wants to create literature for a living…

It’s one thing when songs are pirated, or movies, after all, we all know how much those artists make and waste, right? Well, okay, maybe they’re harder up than a lot of us think. Still, this article on Slate about publishing piracy really disturbed me.
I’ve seen this trend coming, really, but it still scares me. As the economy gets tighter, more and more people can justify in their own minds taking advantage of the pirate networks. It started with the incredibly inflated prices of software, then music and movies, and, now, books. The problem is this: in each case, there is a smaller and smaller margin. For one thing, the print industry is even harder to break into than the music industry, which is pretty damn hard to crack. What’s more, there’s an even smaller market for printed material than for music. (Not in my house, but, then, I’m a geek who wants to be a full-time writer.) I know, first hand, just how little an individual author makes off a published work. Piracy cuts directly into that small percentage of revenue.
So, read the article, think about it, and “go forth and sin no more”.

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