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5-Year Robot Plan

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Here’s an interesting idea.

According to this article on the Japanese Times, the Japanese government is going to sponsor a five-year plan to build a robot with the “functionality” of a five-year old.
First, this is a pretty big challenge. Not only do they have to overcome the physical problems, but the mental and emotional problems as well. I mean, robots that walk are relatively new and they mostly have to be guided. This robot would walk and be totally autonomous. There’ll be a lot of processing power in that sucker. And, quite a bit of AI work will need to be done for it, too.
Second, there’s the time-scale. Five years, in my opinion, is pretty aggressive for this kind of project. Especially considering the state of the world economy in general and Japan’s economy in particular.

But, their thought is that this project would be like the US Apollo project. It was a giant challenge that cost a lot of money, but it also produced some amazing technologies that changed our world. Those new inventions, of course, changed the US economy tremendously. That change effected the world economy in ways that we’re really still feeling.
I, for one, hope that they succeed. The spin-offs alone will be worth it!

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