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Space Mining?

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

I say, “Yes”!

And, apparently, so do a group of scientists and researchers. According to this article on, mining specialists, space engineers, and energy strategists who attended the Space Resources Roundtable V held at the Colorado School of Mines thought that mining space was a good investment. Of course, they acknowleged that there some issues that needed to be dealt with first. Little details like food, water and air. All things that Earth has in abundance, but that are lacking on the moon and other “hot” mining sites. Getting resources in space is a big issue.
But, what I found most interesting was some of the new legal concepts that came up. For instance, the idea of how to “take possesion” of asteroids for mining via remote robots. What’s more, who will have rights when? How will claims be managed? Unfortunately, there’s plenty of room in space for lawyers. And, of course, legal disputes. Well, I guess all those lawyers better start reading up on their science-fiction! And, I better start writing a intergalactic courtroom drama….

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