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MovableType’s Future

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Frankly, it doesn’t look good.

First of all, there was the brouhaha about pricing. Then, there was the whole issue of licenseing. Now, frankly, it’s a matter of simple existance.
People kept posting on their blogs to go look at this interview with Ben and Mena Trott, because it would explain so much about what’s happening with MovableType. Well, it did, at least to me:

Mena Trott: ITís not going to scale. Movable Type will have to cease to exist in terms of development because it doesn’t pay its operational costs. And it will be interesting.

Hmm, that pretty well says it all, doesn’t it? Yes, that was actually Mena Trott in the aforementioned interview. Time to find a new blog system!

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