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Well, No Wonder

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

No wonder I never got paid for this!
Apparently, Rob Kuntz never did finish the planned modules that I did maps for in Campaign Cartographer. And, of course, I did them knowing I would not get paid until they were published. So, since they were never published, I was never paid. Now, apparently, he’s selling his entire stash of gaming stuff, including the Barbarous Coast Maps.
Even though I have them posted here on my site, Rob retains all rights to them. Insist on getting them signed, if you can manage it, since, in my opinion, that’s the only way the printed maps are really worth anything.
Gaming is a tough business and I’m sorry that it looks like Rob has hit a money crunch and needs to sell his stuff. Go check it out and buy something, if you can. He’s a great guy and I’m sorry to see him having to do this.
Good luck, Rob.

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