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In Yer Eye!

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

TeleGlass Science-fiction comes to life.
William Gibson wrote about this ages ago, but it’s finally coming true. A video “screen” that is projected onto glasses. From what I read in this article on Australian IT, it seems to work on any kind of glasses at all. They say that if you’re one of those lucky few that don’t need corrective lenses, it will project just fine onto sunglasses. “It”, incidentally, is the TeleGlass which was developed by a Japanese microscope maker called Scalar. The article talks about people using this to watch portable DVD players, but it also mentions the recent update of the Sony Walkman to include digital video. Coincidence? Knowing how the Japanese kieretsu do business, probably not. Do I care? NO, because this is that damn cool.

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