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The moon is a Full Moon

So far this year, May has been my biggest web traffic month.

I had an average of over 6500 hits per day in May and these were the search terms that brought people to my site:

# Hits Search String
1 69 5.79% scroll comments
2 59 4.95% fantasy names
3 42 3.52% oceanside
4 36 3.02% scroll
5 16 1.34% funny name generator
6 15 1.26% free timeline generator
7 14 1.17% free graph paper
8 13 1.09% invetions
9 12 1.01% military phrases
10 11 0.92% fantasy map making
11 10 0.84% demon voices
12 8 0.67% alien landscape
13 8 0.67% fantasist
14 7 0.59% chrome girl
15 6 0.50% funny fantasy names
16 6 0.50% how fast can a swallow fly
17 6 0.50% how to write in elvish
18 6 0.50% military robots
19 6 0.50% novel title generator
20 6 0.50% word generators

Now, you might be asking yourself why I’m mentioning this… Well, that’s a good question.  It’s a test, of sorts.  A little experiment to see if it’s the content or the search terms that make the biggest difference.  I’m betting that my hits go up for at least the day or so after I post this and then drop off.

Well, only one way to know for sure!

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