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No Map’s Land

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Lost and directionless, I plod on.

This morning, I am disheartened. Some months ago, when I had nothing but time and an empty wallet, I put forth the idea of selling catalogs of symbols for Profantasy’s Campaign Cartographer. The mere thought of someone making money off this product and the associated user community seemed to really irritate some people on the CC2 Yahoo Group, for some reason. In any case, after a bit of feedback, both pro and con, I decided not to pursue the idea. I really felt at the time that not enough people would buy the product to make it worth the effort of setting up the merchant account and website.
This morning, from that same Yahoo Group, I got an e-mail announcing that someone had just setup a website for that very purpose.
To be fair, the proprietor of that webshop, Ralf Schemmann, is not only good enough at making symbols to do work for Profantasy, but he’s a nice guy, too. My only regret is not following through on it when I had the chance. Now, while the opportunity still exists, I don’t really have the time. Ah, well, I guess that’s what I get for listening to the nay-sayers instead of my own inner voice.
Oh, by the way, Ralf’s site is called Maps and More. Good luck, Ralf!

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