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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

DragonQuest still rules.

Okay, the new version of Dungeons and Dragons is good, but is a new version really neccessary already? Well, Wizards of the Coast sure seems to think it is. They’ve announced a D&D 3.5. What, are they taking lessons from Micro$oft?

So, it’s back to good old DragonQuest for me. Thanks to some helpful pirates in New Zealand, I can still get copies of the DragonQuest rules, albeit modified with their house rules. Still, the Seagate Guild of Adventurers has everything you need to play, except dice. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, they’ve ignored copyright issues to bring this to the public, which I admire. Of course, they’re in another country, which makes copyright enforcement a little tricky, I guess. In any case, over the years several gamers, myself included, have tried to get teh rights to DragonQuest, to no avail, so it’s nice that someone has made the info available.
Though, you can still try eBay for stray copies. They do turn up from time to time.

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