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Busy Making Money

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Unfortunately, that leaves little time to be creative.
Still, it’s that job that pays for this website, so I guess it’s not all bad! I have been writing a bit, or at least trying to write. At the suggestion of my therapist, who I can’t see right now thanks to insurance and job change issues, I was trying to write a story that did NOT include fantastic or magical or science-fictional elements. Honestly, it was going okay, but I just didn’t have much invested in the story, so I haven’t done well writing on it. Well, that and my total lack of time for writing and discipline. I still suffer from the illusion that my writing should be “inspired” and just flow naturally onto the page. Sadly, that’s just not how it is for most writers, especially the professionals.
Oh, but I do have an OpenOffice Story Templatethat you can download! (Just click the link and you’ll get it.) It might be a little buggy, but it should get you started. If you have problems, let me know and, if I have time, I’ll try to get them worked out.

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